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We are business management consultants implementing a humanistic approach that prioritizes staff well-being, communication, and empathy which consistently leads to increased profits.


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About Our Company

LeadersWay is a business management consulting agency committed to improving business culture. So many problems businesses face stem from a lack of human skills in executive leadership. Our humanistic approach has consistently demonstrated that prioritizing staff well-being, communication, and empathy, leads to increased profits. Our science-based assessments help businesses better understand their workforce, how to increase employee engagement, and how to identify the best applicants for job openings and promotions.

Our Mission

At LeadersWay, our mission is to help you grow your business and re-humanize the workplace.


At LeadersWay, we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all program for our clients. Just as a doctor won’t prescribe medicine prior to an examination, we don’t recommend a program until we have a chance to assess your company’s unique needs.


Our customized programs are built around consistent engagement with your team. Long-term success depends not only on learning new modes of thinking but with regular maintenance of the business culture you want to create.


Step 1: Contact Us

The first step is for us to set up a call so we can learn about your company and what you’re looking to achieve.

Step 2: Take the Assessment

Before we begin working with any client, we require the completion of 1 of our 5 science-based assessments. Each assessment ranges from $200 - $500. After the completion of the assessment, we will meet with you to discuss a personalized plan.


Step 3: Build a Strategic Plan

Next, we’ll draw up an Engagement Proposal outlining how we best think we can help. Our programs typically consist of a combination of services: Assessments, On-Site Work, Coaching, and Virtual Meetings. If you’re looking for something simpler than one of our full-fledged programs, these services can also be requested on an individual basis.


Our goal is to increase the growth and profitability of your business by boosting employee satisfaction and engagement. We’ve repeatedly found that by aspiring to build better humans, we build better businesses.


Learn how we can help your business

Give us a call or submit a form and we will reach out within 24 hours or the next business day.

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