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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As business management consultants, what does LeadersWay do?"
    We help businesses of varying sizes to optimize performance by providing guidance and expertise in a variety of arenas - operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy. We work with businesses to identify and overcome obstacles, helping them to meet their goals.
  • How do I know if LeadersWay is right for me and/or my team?
    The initial assessment will tell us a lot about you and your team. After reviewing the results of your assessment, we will be able to help identify and resolve problem areas.
  • How do I get started?
    There are three simple steps to get started: 1. Contact us: The first step is for us to set up a call so we can learn about your company and what you’re looking to achieve. 2. Take the assessment: Before we begin working with any client, we require the completion of 1 of our 5 science-based assessments. Each assessment ranges from $200 - $500. After the completion of the assessment, we will meet with you to discuss a personalized plan. 3. Build a strategic plan: Next, we’ll draw up an Engagement Proposal outlining how we best think we can help. Our programs typically consist of a combination of services: Assessments, On-Site Work, Coaching, and Virtual Meetings. If you’re looking for something simpler than one of our full-fledged programs, these services can also be requested on an individual basis.
  • Which assessment should I take?
    We offer 5 different assessments. 1. Behaviors & Driving Forces Assessment: used to understand the behaviors and driving forces of an individual - why they do what they do. 2. TriMetrix Assessment: combines the Behaviors & Driving Forces Assessment with cognitive skills and development. 3. TriMetrix HD Assessment: a more in-depth version of the TriMetrix assessment, the TriMetrix HD Assessment also includes coaching and specific environmental conditions for individuals. 4. Benchmarking Assessment: used to benchmark positions for specific roles. 5. Team Wheels Assessment: provides group training for specific roles. If you are unsure which of these assessments is right for you or your team, take our short, free survey and receive additional, customized information to help you get started or contact us directly via email.
  • How do the LeadersWay assessments differ from DISC or Meyer-Briggs personality tests?
    The TriMetrix set of assessments which we make extensive use of, measures behavior, motivators, emotional intelligence, and also includes a one on one debriefing. The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. DISC has the main purpose of identifying behavioural styles.
  • Which services are best for me and/or my team?
    This is best decided on a discovery call. Generally, we prefer the "diagnose then prescribe" method.
  • How much does it cost to work with LeadersWay?
    Our pricing varies depending on services needed, length of time, and number of team members we are working with. To get started, we offer 5 assessments, each one costs $250. After the completion of one of our assessments, we will work with you to determine which services are needed and the associated costs. Here is a more complete breakdown: Assessment Prices: Basic Assessment DISC, Motivators: $125 TriMetrix: $225 TriMetrix HD: $375 Benchmarking: $8,000 - $10,000 Assessment Debriefings: $150 for 1 hour. Assessment Certification (learn how to read the assessments). One day a week for ten weeks: $2500. (There’s an additional $125 in book fees, and the certification exam costs $450.) Onsite Work: $5,000/day plus expenses Tele-coaching: $250/hr. Webinars: $2,000 for 90 minutes

Learn how we can help your business!

Give us a call or submit a form and we will reach out within 24 hours or the next business day.

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