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We offer 15 webinars to improve leadership and team-building.

Non-threatening Direct Communication

The modern-day workplace mandates a level of safety where employees can share, grow, and thrive. This program teaches people—especially leaders—how to address their concerns the right way. We’ll help you learn how to navigate difficult subjects without drama.

Personal Accountability

This program teaches the language of accountability and works in order to supplant the language of victim and blame. By using the language of accountability and work, people will naturally follow through on commitments, deliver results, and feel better about themselves while doing it.


Trust & Trustworthiness

Trust is the foundational component of all relationships. Trustworthiness is the reciprocity received for the extension of trust. This program addresses widespread misunderstanding of these concepts and how developing trust and trustworthiness are essential to building a healthy work environment.


Emotional Intelligence

It has been said that nothing can derail someone’s career more than a lack of emotional intelligence. In this program we’ll build on the four primary levels of EQ—Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management—and how each effectively is put into action.


21st Century Leadership

In a world where creativity, innovation, and collaboration represent the primary measures of success, antiquated ideas about leadership won’t cut it. In this program, we teach a leadership mindset that puts people before profit, with the knowledge that a fulfilled and engaged workforce drives profitability.



Delegation is the art and practice of building confidence in people by training them to take on work they haven’t done before. Many leaders mistakenly believe that the solution to their problems is hiring more people, when in fact they need to focus on tapping into the potential of employees they already have. This program teaches you how to develop the workers you have into the workers you need.


One: The Art of Collaboration

The concept of ONE is designed to help everyone embrace the idea that every position in every organization is important to success. The program works to identify and break down barriers within a company to create a culture of unity.


The Art of Coaching

Many leaders are desperate for their employees to be able to think and make smart decisions on their own. This program is designed to help leaders teach their employees how to think independently and to act decisively when problems arise.

The Way of Profit

There’s often a misunderstanding about which leading factors drive profitability. This program teaches you that profit is a trailing factor—it cannot be controlled. We’ll focus on the ways in which we can impact the factors that drive profit.


Success Planning

In today’s workplace, most of the work done is based on assumption; there’s a complete lack of clarity. This hurts both profitability and employee fulfillment. This program is designed to provide crystal clear expectations for each and every employee, including a developmental path forward.


The Art of Onboarding

The most stressful time in a new associate's work-life begins on their first day at work. Successful onboarding systems provide the support, training, and development new employees need to settle into their new job. The LeadersWay Onboarding Process is designed to do just this. We provide businesses with a system to ensure every new employee is comfortably integrated into their new work setting, in order to maximize their engagement and productivity.


The Art of Transformation

To achieve success, leaders must have the right mindset. This transformative program will educate you on five common unhealthy mindsets, and teach you a healthier way of thinking that brings out the best in the individual and the business.


The Art of Engagement

Employee engagement is the most direct indicator and driver of profitability. This program will help you create a work culture that fosters employee fulfillment. Fulfillment leads to engagement. Engagement leads to profit. We’ll show you how even the smallest of things can have profound impacts on company culture and morale.

The Science of Value

People lose their jobs and companies go out of business because they become irrelevant, they no longer bring VALUE to the people they serve. This outstanding program teaches a 4-level model of value designed to teach both people and businesses the art of separation through bringing more value to the people they serve.


The Art of Communication with Everyone

What separates top salespeople from the pack is their ability to sell to anyone, not just the people who communicate the way they do. This entertaining program—based on behavioral science—teaches you how to communicate effectively with everyone, no matter their personality. 


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